Our goal at Conley Equipment Company is to provide the best-quality work, offer the highest quality products and embody the most exceptional customer service for our clients. We truly do believe we go the extra mile for each and every client, which is why we have so many companies nationwide that use our services and purchase products from us over and over again. Our management team is one of the best in the industry, with decades of experience under their belts. 

We wanted to share a few testimonials about our battery equipment company with you in today’s blog post!

Your Trusted National Battery Suppliers For Various Industries

At Conley Equipment Company, we offer cost-effective power solutions to individuals and companies across the nation. We have more than six decades of combined experience in this industry, and we offer high-quality products and services, including installation and maintenance, engineering and integration services. For any additional information you require or to receive a quote from our team, contact us today.

Continue reading for testimonials from clients who have chosen to do business with us at Conley Equipment Company.

The Third Review From Level (3) Communications

“I wanted to let you know that your employee, Meny, did an outstanding job with the battery installation … His attention to detail, meticulous work, and professionalism were really appreciated.”

  • Kevin P., Network Technician, Global Field Services

We love when our staff members are individually recognized for the work they provide to our clients — especially because know each and every one provides the exceptional customer service we always boast about. We also love when we get more than one great review from the same client, and this is the third from Level (3) Communications. Thank you Kevin P. for going above and beyond with your commitment to our battery suppliers company! It’s been a pleasure working with you, too.

AT&T Praises Our Team For Going The Extra Mile

“(Conley Equipment) agreed to do the work for a fixed price and they never submitted a single change order, even though they had to do extra work that was not anticipated. The quality of the work was excellent and everything was completed on schedule. When managing very large projects, it is refreshing to have a vendor who performs quality work and who requires minimal supervision.”

  • Randy O., Project Manager

When you choose Conley Equipment Company, you’re choosing battery equipment specialists who will get the job done correctly and on-time. We appreciate that this representative from AT&T has taken the time to acknowledge our team’s transparency, efficiency and independence. We guarantee when you choose us, you’ll always have a “refreshing” and one-of-a-kind experience! Thank you Randy O. from AT&T!

T-Mobile Thanks Our Battery Equipment Company

“I want to express my thanks for all the hard work you put into the power plant replacement job in Tempe. I know it was one of the more difficult jobs you have come across but your professionalism, hard work and attention to detail are values that shined through on this project. I couldn’t be more pleased with your work and the end product. I’m glad we chose Conley for the project.”

  • Dana C., Tempe, Arizona

Even when the going gets tough, our highly trained and experienced staff keeps going. We want to thank Dana C. from T-Mobile for recognizing our hard work and professionalism — something you can expect from us every time you choose us for a battery equipment or other related service. The professionals at Conley Equipment Company can help with multi-vendor power and infrastructure projects, including DC power plant installations. Thanks again Dana C. for your appreciated feedback!

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We are one of the nation’s best battery suppliers, and with more than 35 years of service, our Aurora-based battery equipment company can offer you quality products at competitive pricing. We help out individuals in various industries, including government, oil and gas, telecommunications and more. Our products include everything from AC power and DC power products to batteries.

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