When it comes to the operation of large battery supply systems, safety is critical. Regardless of the application, battery systems must be handled with extreme care as they contain highly corrosive chemicals and other potential hazards. At Conley Equipment Company, we are not only trusted battery suppliers, but we are also consultants who help with the full integration of new battery equipment. From battery backups to uninterrupted power supplies, we offer a vast array of power system services and solutions. With our experience in the industry, we recognize the need for high levels of safety in regards to the operation of battery and power supply systems. Check out the following must-know tips for battery safety in your workplace.

Tip 1: Be Sure Everyone Is Familiar With The Product Safety Sheet

If anyone is going to be working with your battery supply system, be sure they are well acquainted with the product safety sheets for the power systems they will be encountering. These sheets will offer important information, such as the specific hazards each product poses. Not only will the product safety sheets contain vital specs on hazards, but they will also offer information about what to do in the case of an emergency. For example, your product safety sheet should contain information about how to handle the following worst-case scenarios:

  • What to do in case of ingestion
  • What to do if on skin or hair
  • How to handle eye contamination
  • How to handle inhalation
  • How to contain spillage

Tip 2: Invest In The Right Safety Equipment

No matter how prepared your staff is to handle any incidents that occur with your battery supply system, they can only respond as well as they are equipped. Make sure that you have invested in all the safety equipment necessary for the proper operation of your power supply system. From spill containment and clean-up kits to the right gear for your employees to wear, investing in high-quality safety products will go a long way in ensuring the safety for everyone involved.

Be sure that you not only equip your staff with everything they need to handle emergencies safely, but also be sure to train everyone on the proper use of the safety equipment. Training is paramount for safety.

Tip 3: Never Allow Any Open Flames In Battery Equipment Rooms

It should go without saying but open flames and battery equipment do not go together. Make sure that anyone who will be visiting areas with battery equipment understands that there are no open flames allowed, including smoking. Sparks, heat, open flames, and hot surfaces all pose a risk.

Prevention is key in regards to fire hazards, but if a fire-related emergency does occur, make sure to never fight the flames with water. Have proper fire-fighting equipment on hand based on the specifications of each product.

Tip 4: Have A Safety Plan Prepared For Emergency Situations

Does your staff know what to do in the case of a fire-related emergency? From how they can help out a coworker who has encountered a hazard to what to do if a fire breaks out, be sure you have outlined specific emergency plans. Having a detailed plan will allow for improved safety, even in hazardous situations.

Tip 5: Dispose Of Products In Accordance With Regulations

Finally, be sure that when you dispose of any battery or power supply products you are doing so in accordance with federal and local regulations. This will ensure safety for those involved in the disposal process, as well as provide protection for the planet from hazardous materials.

At Conley Equipment Company, we are trusted battery suppliers. We can work with you to implement the ideal battery and power solution for your specific needs. We work across an array of industries including telecom, oil and gas, government, utility, and more. Reach out today to talk to our team about your battery supply needs.