When it comes to DC power products, the general public likely knows that we need these products to properly power some of our equipment, but what exactly does “DC” mean? How does this power supply work? What are the uses or applications for DC power supply? In this blog post, we’ll go over all of these questions and more.

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What Does DC Mean/Stand For?

“DC” is short for “direct current,” which, in basic terms, is a movement of electric charge that provides a constant voltage (or current) that only flows in one direction.

An easy way to think about a DC power battery is as a water feeder for a pet rabbit or hamster. You fill the feeder with water, and as it’s used over time, the feeder slowly starts to empty as water is being pushed (or pulled) out one-directional way. Once the feeder is empty, there’s no longer any water that can be pulled through.

DC power products work similarly to this concept — once the electricity is drained in a battery, it can no longer provide power. Until the battery is dead, though, it provides one constant voltage in one uniform direction.

Fun Fact: Your typical AA battery supplies about 1.5 volts of DC power.

How Does DC Power Work?

Most outlets you find in homes and businesses are wired for AC power (alternating current), but there are many cases when that power is converted to DC power. In regards to DC power products, DC electricity can be generated in various ways.

Your typical battery is powered by DC power, which is produced by a reaction of chemicals occurring inside the battery. DC power can also be produced and converted from AC power by a commutator, which is a device found in AC generators. A rectifier, transformer or filter can be used to convert AC power into DC power, too.

DC Power Applications

There are many uses and applications for DC electricity. Most of the electronic devices we use require DC-powered batteries that can connect or plug into our outlets with the help of AC adapters.

Here are some examples of common DC powered products we use daily:

  • Cell phones
  • Flashlights
  • Cars
  • TVs (power is converted from AC to DC)
  • Solar panels

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