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For more than 20 years, Conley Equipment Company has been working together with East Penn Manufacturing. As the largest value-added reseller in North America for East Penn/Deka, Conley is positioned to offer its customers the best battery portfolio across all markets served by Conley. Whether you need a 12VDC Telecom or UPS battery, to a 48VDC or 120VDC, 20-year VRLA string, Conley can offer a solution to get the job done. In addition, Conley offers flooded battery equipment products from multiple manufacturers.

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East Penn Manufacturing

East Penn Manufacturing is the largest single-site battery manufacturer in the world. Since 1946, East Penn has been manufacturing high-quality Deka Batteries. The complete line of Deka stationary batteries by East Penn provides dependable, reliable power for a wide variety of applications including telecommunications, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), utility, oil and gas, emergency standby applications and many others. Power Range: 30 to 2000 amp hours.

Deka Services

As a strategic equity partner for East Penn. Deka Services provides us with true nationwide EF&I coverage. We can provide our customers with factory direct pricing, extend warranties, and logistical support. We can service our customers with superior regional customer support and local technicians while maintaining safe/high-quality installations. With the backing of a $2.5 billion dollar company, no project is too large or too complex for Conley Equipment Company.