Conley Equipment Company has been around for 35 years and has since gained a strong reputation with some of the best products and services on the market. As an authorized battery supplier for quality companies like East Penn Manufacturing, we will continue to offer premium products and services for years to come.

With East Penn’s Unigy I – 12AVR145 battery, you will be powering your telecommunications systems with one of the most reliable batteries on the market. East Penn is committed to making dependable products with some of the lowest defect rates in the industry. Not only that, but they employ advanced control technology which reduces lead emissions in the air and water. Their systems produce air quality that’s actually cleaner than the air in the surrounding atmosphere. These are only some of the ways East Penn Manufacturing leads the battery product industry.


If you order an East Penn Manufacturing Deka Unigy I – 12AVR145 battery from Conley, you will receive many benefits. Here are some of the benefits of the 12AVR145 battery line:

  • Front access design for easy installation and maintenance
  • Plates formed with IPFTM technology to assure consistent cell to cell performance
  • Absorbed glass mat separators
  • Reinforced case resists bulging and meets safety requirements (UL 94 V-0)
  • Case & cover heat sealed and 100% tested to prevent leaks
  • Epoxy-sealed posts eliminate leaks
  • All batteries meet or exceed IEEE 485, 1187, 1188, and Telcordia capacity requirements at shipment.
  • Battery design and construction meet UL recognition requirements

One of the defining features of the battery is its puncture-resistant micro-porous glass mat separators. These go a long way in extending the life of your battery. It also comes with 100 percent factory tested, low pressure, flame arresting, self-sealing valves for your safety.

Order East Penn Batteries Through Conley

Conley Equipment Company has partnered up with East Penn Manufacturers for a reason: we wanted to make sure our customers received the best possible telecommunication battery products on the market. We invite you to have a vital part in this relationship by getting a free quote on your next Deka Unigy I – 12AVR145 battery today. With our superior customer service and expert product knowledge, you’ll be glad you ordered from Conley.

The official Unigy I – 12AVR145 battery product literature can be read here in our Product Literature section. In it, you will find additional specifications and benefits.