When it comes to telecommunication systems, you can’t go wrong with an East Penn battery. At Conley Equipment company, we offer the Unigy II – AVR95-23 telecommunications battery at a reasonable rate.

When it comes to power systems, you need one you can rely on. After all, a failed system doesn’t only mean you have to pay more for a repair or a replacement, you also lose out on a lot of the work that could have been done.

At Conley Equipment Company, we recognized the importance of partnering with East Penn Manufacturing early on. This partnership allows us to offer you some of the most reliable batteries on the market from a name you can trust.

Why Should You Choose a Deka Unigy II Battery?

East Penn’s Deka Unigy II series boasts a plethora of benefits. Here are some of the ones that provide the greatest amount of value:

  • Re-engineered air gap. This revolutionizes battery cooling by reducing the space between cells, while maintaining the proper temperatures.
  • Unique AVR95 Cell. The design of the AVR95 battery cell gives you as much as 28 percent more power in the same amount of space when compared to larger models for other makers. On top of that, it has a 20-year design life!

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