The Unigy II – AVR95-27 telecommunications battery created by East Penn Manufacturing is one of the best batteries of its type you can find on the market. At Conley Equipment Company, we are proud to offer the Unigy II series of batteries to our customers.

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The Power of Choosing an East Penn Deka Unigy II Battery

When you choose a Deka Unigy II battery, you are getting power and efficiency. Here are some of the top benefits you’ll receive:

  • High reliability and superior performance. Deka Unigy II batteries are made from top-quality materials and thoroughly tested by the manufacturer. In fact, East Penn products have some of the lowest defect rates you can find across the entire industry. With a Unigy II – AVR95-27, you’ll have a battery system you can rely on for years to come.
  • Microcat™ Vent which comes standard on all AVR95 models. This unique setup makes optimal performance at higher temperatures much easier to achieve.
  • Improved air gap. This is another critical cooling feature which reduces the space between cells (and thus the space the battery takes up), while maintaining ideal running temperatures.

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