Conley Equipment Company is your power products leader. For over 35 years, we’ve been trusted by our clients to provide power products and services they can rely on. The Deka Unigy II – AVR95-33 telecommunications battery from East Penn is no exception.

At Conley, we choose East Penn batteries because we know we can count on them. More than that, we know our customers can too. Our strategic partnership with East Penn allows us to be the largest value-added reseller of their batteries in North America.

Why Should You Choose East Penn’s Deka Unigy II series?

East Penn’s Deka Unigy II series of telecommunications batteries are designed to save you space and are constructed from the finest quality materials available on the market. In a world of limited space, these batteries are designed to pack the most punch for the footprint they take up.

Ordering a Deka Unigy II – AVR95-33 telecommunications battery from Conley will also provide these great benefits:

  • IPF™ Technology is exclusive to Deka. This technology makes the most of power capacity and increases cell consistency, all while providing power you can rely on for the long term.
  • It features a 2-volt battery that you can get as a system design or even a single cell.
  • It has an impressive range capacities from 91– 2000 AH @ 8 hours to 1.75 v.p.c.
  • AGM technology cuts down on corrosive acid fumes and periodic watering.
  • It also comes with a MicroCat Catalyst feature. This keeps internal temperatures low, reduces float current, and ensures you don’t experience dryout.
  • Posts are epoxy-sealed to cut down on the amount of leaks.
  • Deka batteries are 100 percent factory tested to ensure they work before you buy them.

When you choose to partner with Conley Equipment Company, you know you’ll have power systems you can rely on. Get your Unigy II – AVR95-33 Telecommunications Battery today.