Why Are Deka Batteries From East Penn Manufacturing So Reliable?

East Penn is known industry wide for their commitment to sustainability and innovation. These two guiding principles have led them to work with Deka to offer the top reserve power batteries on the market.

East Penn/Deka has a wide range of batteries to cover nearly any type of reserve power applications. Here are some of the systems you can power with their batteries:


We live in an increasingly connected world. At this point, faulty telecommunication devices simply aren’t an option.

As the amount of wireless communication increases, you want to be able to rely on your battery to keep your reserve system at optimal power levels whenever you need it.

When you are looking for solutions to your telecommunications power issues, you can turn to the UNIGY I, UNIGY II, or Farenheit series of batteries from Deka. These telecommunication systems batteries offer the highest performance on the market.

UPS Applications

East Penn/Deka also offers batteries to power your uninterruptible power supply. When failure is simply not an option, you need backup power you can rely on.

East Penn is also acutely aware of your need to minimize your footprint while maximizing your power. That’s why Deka batteries are designed to pack the most punch while taking up the smallest amount of space.

Conley Equipment Company Is Your Choice For East Penn/Deka Batteries

At Conley, we are always looking for ways to offer our clients greater bang for their buck. For us, this means scouring the market for the best battery products and establishing relationships that allow us to offer these products at the lowest rates possible.
And that’s exactly what we did with East Penn/Deka. As their largest value-added reseller, you’ll reap the cost-saving benefits of our relationship.
Contact us today for a free quote on any of the batteries you see listed below.


Our Selection of East Penn Batteries

Deka Fahrenheit Batteries

  • HT145ET
  • HT170ET
  • HT30
  • HT200ET

East Penn High Rate Batteries

  • U1HR1500
  • 45HR2000
  • HR3000
  • HR4000
  • 31HR5000
  • HR5500
  • HR3500ET
  • HR5500ET
  • HR7000ET
  • HR7500ET