1. T- Mobile

    I want to express my thanks for all the hard work you put into the power plant replacement job in Tempe. I know it was one of the more difficult jobs you have come across but your professionalism, hard work and attention to detail are values that shined through on this project. I couldn't be more pleased with your work and the end product. I'm glad we chose Conley for the project.…Read More

    Dana C, Tempe, Arizona
  2. Sandia National Laboratories

    Our telephone power plant and PS replacements were delivered flawlessly by Travis and Jim. We were extremely pleased with their professionalism, orderliness, and adherence to safety and program documentation. I also thank you for your project leadership and for providing the documentation we required in a timely manner. Our ES&H folks state that your safety plan is one of the best they have ev…Read More

    Marcia J, Albuquerque, New Mexico
  3. Level (3) Communications

    Conley Equipment Company has finished up at the Platteville on two new strings. Conley tech Paul Tabcum and his crew did a professional job that looks great. Thanks.…Read More

    Steve M, OSP Tech, Colorado and Wyoming
  4. Long Island Rail Road

    My thanks to you, Gene Rose and Conley Equipment Company for your professionalism and the service that was extended to the Long Island Rail Road while we worked together in installing the emergency backup power system in the Penn Station Radio Room ealier this year During the recent blackout that affected a major portion of the Northeast United States, all the power sensitive equipment that was ba…Read More

    Paul B, PE, Communication Systems Engineer
  5. Integra Telecom

    Thank you for the closeout documents for this project. I've attached a PP of some of the photos with comments. From what I could tell from the photos, the installation was what we have come to expect from Conley. Thank you.…Read More

    Bob G, Infrastructure Engineer
  6. Level (3) Communications

    Conley team, I would like to personally convey my gratitude for the dedication of your team! Given the circumstances and timing, I literally had 1 day to solve this problem. I had a site with no battery backup due to condition of existing batteries. I was able to call your team and they solved the problem! All of this was done with the utmost positive attitude and professionalism. My sincere thank…Read More